The Moen Marin NABCAT

Efficient Fish farming

In August 2019, the electric fish farming vessel "Edel" set sail off the Norwegian island of Senja - electrically powered by AKASOL battery systems. By using the electric motor, emissions are saved, costs are reduced and the working conditions for the fishermen are significantly improved. In the medium term, another 27 Moen Marin vessels will be equipped with AKASOLs batteries certified according to DNV-GL.

AKASOL is also pushing the expansion of electric mobility in the shipping sector: Together with its Norwegian cooperation partner ZEM - Zero Emission Maritime Solutions, the Darmstadt company has integrated its highly efficient and safe battery systems in the hybrid fishing boat Moen Marin. ZEM has more than 15 years of experience as system integrator of lithium-ion batteries in the maritime sector.

"For these smaller vessels it is a great advantage that AKASOL batteries have a robust design, are compact and have protection class IP 67" ZEM, CEO Egil Mollestad

The first battery-powered hybrid fish farming vessel ("Edel") has been in operation since August 2019 off the Norwegian island of Senja. In June 2020 the commissioning of the first fully electric fishing boat "Ida" in a salmon farm was celebrated with Norway's Prime Minister. In the course of this year, seven more Moen Marin ships with the powerful AKASOL batteries will set sail in Norway. In addition, AKASOL has already received a follow-up order for 2021/22 to equip 20 more electric fish farming vessels.

AKASOL electrifies fishing boats

The Moen Marin ships with electric propulsion are used for fishing in rather remote places in Norway. Possible service measures are therefore not only time-consuming but also expensive. It is therefore immensely important that the AKASOL battery systems not only work efficiently, but are also robust and absolutely safe.

"The fish farming vessels are often used in more remote locations. Therefore it is extremely important that the battery systems are robust and that frequent service visits are avoided. This is not only expensive, but also time-consuming." ZEM

When developing the batteries for the fishing boats, it also had to be taken into account that the vessels driven by an electric motor with a total of 2x 100 kW power can be on the water for between eight and ten hours a day. A 160 kW diesel engine provides additional range. Overnight there is the possibility to supply the boats with new energy from the public grid.


Currently, ten AKASOL batteries of the series AKASYSTEM 15OEM37AH with a total capacity of 244 kWh are used in each of the Moen Marin ships. The batteries are DNV-GL certified for the maritime sector and run absolutely reliable.

The AKASOL Battery System has been developed according to ISO 26262 and is ideally suited for use in small E-boats: It is compact, robust, equipped with an IP 67 certificate and has an extremely high energy and power density. In addition, multi-stage short-circuit protection at cell, module and system level ensures additional safety.

With the cooling system, which has been specially developed to meet the customer's requirements, the power electronics and the electric motor of the fishing boat are cooled at the same time as the AKASYSTEM 15OEM37AH. In the closed, so-called dual-circuit cooling system, the seawater serves as heat exchanger.

As a system integrator, the Norwegian company ZEM is building AKASOLs battery systems into the vessels: All electrical systems - from the engine and power electronics to the control system - are connected to an HMI interface.

The range of the purely electric propulsion system depends on the speed that the e-boat picks up during the journey. At a speed of six knots, 24 nautical miles are achieved, which corresponds to about 44 kilometers. The charging is done from land (400V, 3ph, 63A) or by the diesel generator.

The operators of the new e-fleet for the sea are highly satisfied with the course of cooperation so far: they not only save emissions, but also reduce their costs and can significantly improve working conditions for the fishermen. A further quality feature: Up to now, not a single service measure has been necessary for the fish farming vessels used.

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