Battery Show North America 2019


AKASOL to showcase advances, wide portfolio in lithium-ion battery systems

At the Battery Show North America 2019, German manufacturer AKASOL will present its wide portfolio of new solutions to the battery community. AKASOL Inc. president Roy Schulde will speak about the company’s flagship product, the new high-energy battery AKASystem AKM CYC which has entered serial development for the battery module and system. The system outperforms current solid-state battery solutions in terms of price competitiveness and availability.

AKASOL recently announced that production at its first U.S. site in the metro Detroit area of Michigan will begin in 2020. Two thirds of the production facility’s initial capacity will cater for new customers. The remaining third will be dedicated to AKASOL’s existing customers so that they comply with Buy America Act regulations, which specify that they must purchase locally-produced battery systems.

In his presentation at this year’s Battery Show North America, AKASOL Inc. president Roy Schulde will talk about the company’s new flagship product, the high-energy battery AKASystem AKM CYC, which is able to outperform today’s solid-state technology in terms of price competitiveness and availability.

fig 1: AKASystem AKM CYC

The system starts sample operation by the end of 2019, followed by serial production in summer 2021. It will set a new benchmark in terms of energy content making and will be particularly suitable for long haul trucks and buses. Fully-electric vehicles can be equipped with battery system capacities between 600-1.000 kWh depending on the vehicle size. The system can also be fast charged up to 1C, significantly increasing the uptime of commercial vehicles. This C-Rate more than meets the requirements of the fast chargers for commercial vehicles available currently, which are limited to a maximum power of 500 kW. The AKAModule CYC achieves market-leading energy density of 221 Wh/kg with liquid cooled battery modules, which are scalable and can be integrated in various system designs at the pack level.

AKASOL will also present the 2nd generation of the AKASystem OEM PRC, the first generation of which powers the Daimler EvoBus eCitaro and buses from a Scandinavian bus and truck manufacturer with an installed capacity of up to 294 kWh. The 2nd generation, which enters serial production for two major commercial vehicle customers in mid-2020, will offer over more than 33% higher energy density and achieve approximately 400 kWh installed capacity in the same installation space. The system can also achieve charge rates of 2C and be fast charged with up to 500 kW.

fig. 2: AKASystem OEM PRC

Another highlight for hybrid and fully-electric vehicle applications will be the 48 V solution AKARack, which will be released as a serial product for construction vehicle and marine applications in mid-2020. The AKARack is a small 19-inch battery system that can be used for various applications. It comes with 6.5 kWh energy, can achieve C-rates of up to 2C and has powerful thermal management supported by liquid cooling architecture. AKASOL plans to make the AKARack available as a high voltage solution at the end of 2020.

AKASOL Inc. President Roy Schulde commented: „The electrification of commercial vehicles is accelerating tremendously at the moment, so it’s the perfect time for our expansion. I’m looking forward to discussing the potential applications of high-performance, high-energy battery systems with new and existing customers at this year’s Battery Show North America.”

fig. 3: AKARack

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