High-performance, efficient and scaleable for maximum power in the marine sector

Maximal economy and flexibility thanks to a modular design

AKASYSTEM is highly regarded for its performance and enhanced charging times. The liquid-cooled system is freely scaleable, meets stringent safety standards and has been the most economical and reliable alternative in the field of e-mobility since its conception. The speed with which these compact, thoroughly durable solutions can be charged makes them ideal for use the mobility requirements of the world of shipping.


Experts in system development, mechatronics, electronics and cell chemistry research conduct joint research here at AKASOL to invent innovative solutions for the ideal storage of energy. The efficiency of their systems is demonstrated by their wide-scale use in buses, utility vehicles, industrial machinery and vehicles, railways, as well as ships and boats.


AKASYSTEMS count amongst the world’s most powerful battery solutions for vehicles with hybrid or electric drives. The systems are designed in a modular fashion and are freely scaleable, which means they can be adjusted optimally to the energy needs of whatever vehicle you are using. The scaleable lithium-ion AKASYSTEM battery systems are based on highly-integrated AKAMODULEs, which achieve an energy density of more than 140 Wh/kg and can cover large distances between charges.

The designs chosen for the AKASYSTEMs focus on vehicle construction and feature connections ready for serial production by automotive manufacturers. Integration in fully-electric and hybrid vehicles is simple and does not entail any major effort or expense.

Our full battery system portfolio


All AKASYSTEMs can be charged quickly using a high-power supply, which means short waiting times for charging and a high level of vehicle availability. AKASYSTEMs are tested and verified several times – down to the performance of the very last cell.

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Only the highest performance battery cells with tested lithium-ion technology

Independent, fail-safe and dependable – we can characterise each battery cell and determine its actual output to ensure the battery technology we recommend for your application is ideal in every regard. We do so by using lithium-ion battery cells made by the world’s top manufacturers and keeping in close and ongoing contact during development to ensure our battery systems continue to be optimised. When it comes to technology we have a clear objective: AKASOL must produce the very best in battery systems.

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From prototype to product, through to serial production

Are you uncertain as to whether one of our products will meet your requirements? Our experienced development teams enable us to guide and advise our clients along the journey towards a production-ready battery system – including the creation of prototypes, samples and pre-series systems.

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