08.11.2021 - AKASOL: Revenues increase by 67% to EUR 67.9 million for first nine months of 2021

Download (pdf, 173.22 KB)

30.09.2021 - Jörg Reinhardt named new Chief Financial Officer of AKASOL AG

Download (pdf, 153.83 KB)

16.08.2021 - AKASOL achieves revenue growth of 151% to EUR 45.8 million in the first half of 2021

Download (pdf, 75.47 KB)

16.08.2021 - AKASOL opens Gigafactory 1: Europe’s largest factory for commercial-vehicle battery systems

Download (pdf, 3.38 MB)

15.07.2021 - Further expansion in the area of buses: AKASOL concludes long-term framework agreement with a Belgian bus manufacturer in the mid-double-digit million euro range

Download (pdf, 145.77 KB)

30.06.2021 - AKASOL AG: 2021 Virtual Annual General Meeting held

Download (pdf, 145.42 KB)

04.06.2021 - Takeover process successfully closed: BorgWarner acquires 89 percent of AKASOL

Download (pdf, 124.75 KB)

31.05.2021 - AKASOL reports strong first quarter: Revenue tripled to EUR 24 million and positive EBITDA achieved

Download (pdf, 128.86 KB)

30.04.2021 - Still on course for dynamic growth – despite the coronavirus crisis: AKASOL boosts revenue by more than 40% to EUR 68.3 million in 2020

Download (pdf, 188.36 KB)

27.04.2021 - Cooperation expanded: AKASOL receives additional long-term follow-up order from a major European bus manufacturer

Download (pdf, 270.39 KB)

07.04.2021 - AKASOL AG: Unanimous recommendation of acceptance of the takeover offer by BorgWarner subsidiary ABBA BidCo AG

Download (pdf, 127.89 KB)

15.02.2021 - AKASOL and BorgWarner have signed a Business Combination Agreement to enter into a strategic partnership and BorgWarner will launch a voluntary public takeover offer

Download (pdf, 170.53 KB)

10.12.2020 - Further expansion in the bus sector: AKASOL concludes long-term framework agreement in the mid-double-digit million euro range with the largest Turkish commercial vehicle manufacturer

Download (pdf, 223.21 KB)

16.11.2020 - Strong growth in Q3 2020 – Revenue at EUR 40.6 million for the nine-month period 2020 and despite Corona crisis almost 30 % above previous year

Download (pdf, 1.75 MB)

20.10.2020 - AKARack 48-volt battery system: AKASOL launches serial production in new Gigafactory 1 in Darmstadt, Germany

Download (pdf, 1.07 MB)

07.10.2020 - Following record construction time: AKASOL AG moves into new headquarters in Darmstadt as planned and launches serial production in the new Gigafactory 1

Download (pdf, 2.11 MB)

24.08.2020 - Revenue growth in Q2 in spite of COVID-19 – strong second half of the year expected

Download (pdf, 725.21 KB)

20.08.2020 - AKASOL drives dynamic growth in the US and places follow-up order for delivery of fully automated production plant for the US site in Hazel Park

Download (pdf, 833.09 KB)

30.06.2020 - First virtual Annual General Meeting of AKASOL AG completed successfully

Download (pdf, 146.97 KB)

25.05.2020 - AKASOL increases its total output in the first quarter of 2020 and achieves important milestones for the expansion of production capacities

Download (pdf, 293.14 KB)

30.04.2020 - AKASOL AG finishes 2019 with strong growth - confident of an unbroken dynamic business development

Download (pdf, 350.39 KB)

21.04.2020 - AKASOL places another order for the delivery of automated production equipment for the new Gigafactory 1 in Darmstadt

Download (pdf, 285.94 KB)

25.03.2020 - AKASOL AG: Serial production, prototype and sample construction continue

Download (pdf, 265.88 KB)

17.03.2020 - Production capacity in Langen is more than doubled – second production line goes into operation six months ahead of schedule

Download (pdf, 513.42 KB)

11.02.2020 - AKASOL orders first fully automated production lines for the new Gigafactory 1 in Darmstadt

Download (pdf, 1.53 MB)

13.01.2020 - Expansion in fuel cell powertrains: AKASOL to Supply Battery Systems for Alstom's Hydrogen Trains

Download (pdf, 290.69 KB)

25.11.2019 - AKASOL continues growth course: revenues double in the first nine months of 2019 compared to the previous year

Download (pdf, 119.83 KB)

07.11.2019 - Securing Future Growth: AKASOL Finalizes Outside Financing Package of Nearly EUR 60 Million

Download (pdf, 286.30 KB)

01.11.2019 - AKASOL AG: Adjustment of the forecast for 2019; Doubling of revenues expected for current Financial Year

Download (pdf, 134.93 KB)

23.09.2019 - AKASOL nominates Samsung SDI as supplier for two serial projects with leading global commercial vehicle manufacturers

Download (pdf, 128.58 KB)

11.09.2019 - AKASOL receives another long-term order from one of the world’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturers

Download (pdf, 130.53 KB)

26.08.2019 - AKASOL AG: Revenues in the first half of 2019 doubled compared to the previous year

Download (pdf, 309.65 KB)

26.06.2019 - AKASOL enters North American market with new production facility

Download (pdf, 105.71 KB)

27.05.2019 - AKASOL AG: Significant revenue growth in Q1 2019

Download (pdf, 147.59 KB)

24.05.2019 - AKASOL AG: First Annual General Meeting after the successful IPO

Download (pdf, 266.02 KB)

15.04.2019 - AKASOL AG leveraging its IPO year to lay the foundation for anticipated further growth

Download (pdf, 292.47 KB)

27.03.2019 - AKASOL AG builds large new headquarters in Darmstadt

Download (pdf, 212.93 KB)

06.02.2019 - Major Order for Electric Buses and Trucks: AKASOL AG Expands Framework Agreement with Swedish Commercial Vehicle Manufacturer

Download (pdf, 280.57 KB)

10.01.2019 - AKASOL AG: Carsten Bovenschen becomes Chief Financial Officer; Dr. Curt Philipp Lorber resigns from the management board

Download (pdf, 85.24 KB)

26.11.2018 - AKASOL AG Sales up 45.1% in the first nine months of 2018

Download (pdf, 308.56 KB)

01.11.2018 - Focus on international expansion: Management Board appoints new Managing Director for AKASOL Inc. in the US

Download (pdf, 262.47 KB)

10.10.2018 - AKASOL AG wins strategically important order in the field of charging infrastructure for e-mobility applications

Download (pdf, 123.82 KB)

27.08.2018 - AKASOL AG Sales up 33.1% in the first half of 2018

Download (pdf, 98.54 KB)

29.06.2018 - AKASOL AG debuts on Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Download (pdf, 105.74 KB)

15.06.2018 - AKASOL AG sets price range for its IPO at EUR 48.50 to EUR 64.50 per share

Download (pdf, 121.57 KB)

05.06.2018 - AKASOL prepares for initial public offering

Download (pdf, 166.11 KB)

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