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If you are looking for a superior battery solution for electric and hybrid vehicles, that offers incredible performance and is currently available on the world market, then the AKASYSTEM is for you. This freely scalable system is liquid cooled and meets the most stringent standards set by the automotive industry. It offers not just a reliable and economical operation for electric buses in regular service, it is also virtually maintenance-free by utilizing top-of-the range technology. The charging time for these heavy duty, durable and compact battery systems is very fast, making them extremely efficient for use in either hybrid or electric buses.

Battery solutions for Buses

Commercial Vehicles
Reliabily is vital: economical, dependable solutions are essential

As a market leader, AKASOL high performance battery systems, for utility vehicles, meets all the stringent safety requirements for vehicles in this area of the automotive sector. The AKASYSTEM is outstanding for use in street cleaning machines and refuse collection trucks, just as it is for long and short haul lorries delivering goods and services locally and abroad. With fast charging, maximum power and superior efficiency, combined with being environmentally friendly and having second to none technological innovation, the AKASYSTEM will exceed expectations.

Battery solutions for Commercial Vehicles

Industrial Vehicles
The requisite top technology for exemplary deployment in extreme situations

There are many examples of automated guided vehicles, (AGVs), such as diggers, tunnel boring machines and wheel loaders, which have to function under exceptionally harsh temperatures and in extreme circumstances. These machines need to be fitted with a heavy-duty system that can withstand the day-to-day grind: this is where AKASOL comes to the fore with its AKASYSTEM equipment. No matter how grueling the task, the AKASYSTEM is a popular choice for anyone who relies on automotive technology to keep their industrial fleet constantly on the go. With everything covered, from prototypes and project assignments to smaller tasks, it is easy to plan and see through to realization and completion.

Battery solutions for Industrial Vehicles

Rail Vehicles
Highly developed, super efficient battery solutions for emissions-free rail transport

With the advent of e-mobility, the automotive industry is rapidly expanding its use of electric/hybrid motors; this has now been extended to the railway transportation sector too. As a leader in the market, the AKASYSTEM provides battery solutions that offer superior performance, especially for trams and regional trains, all of which can be operated without the need for overhead power cables. The liquid cooled, lithium-ion system is freely scalable and will function 24 hours a day, offering the assurance of reliability and safety for many years, even under extreme variations in temperature. Leading rail technology companies that use traction battery arrangements already rely heavily on AKASYSTEMS, valuing its impressive track record in rail applications around the globe.

Battery solutions for Rail Vehicles

Marine Applications
All at sea with an innovative and compact battery solution

Regardless of whether it is a small yacht or an offshore supply and drilling ship, our compact lithium-ion battery solutions will fit into any tight space. Suitable also for ferries, tugs and excursion boats, we offer a choice of the AKASystem OEM, AKASystem AKM and AKASystem AKR. Their modular design ensures that they are the preferred solution of ports and also for enhanced mobility, as maximum power can be achieved quickly. This is, in part, due to the rapid charging speed which makes them the logical option for all vessels, both in port and at sea.

Battery solutions for Marine Applications

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Right from the outset, AKASOL has been characterised by vision and the drive to conduct research and implement alternative mobility concepts. The personal energy of all employees and the desire to create something pioneering in the field of modern battery storage systems has resulted in first-class products and a position in the market second-to-none.

In all its products, AKASOL GmbH implements the comprehensive experience acquired in the development of e-mobility and pursues with equal intensity the change

towards an efficient, environmentally friendly supply of energy.


AKASOL develops battery system for trailer axle from SAF-HOLLAND

IAA Commercial Vehicles:
Commercial vehicles must nowadays comply with increasingly strict environmental regulations. One example is refrigerated vehicles, which may only deliver goods if their cooling units operate silently, instead of being supplied with energy by a noisy diesel generator. As part of a forward-thinking European project, the globally operating commercial vehicle supplier SAFHOLLAND S.A. has integrated a high-performance battery system from AKASOL into an experimental vehicle with the electrified SAF TRAKr trailer axle. The Li-ion batteries are fed with braking energy through the truck‘s journey.
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